Why use an external computer camera?

by FuJoy on Apr 11, 2023

Why use an external computer camera? - Angetube

The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has caused a surge in demand for online office, online learning and live streaming, and the online video conferencing industry has achieved great development. Many people prefer to use an external webcam because it is convenient and secure.

The difference between an external camera and a built-in computer


Built-in camera:

At present, mainstream laptops on the market are equipped with built-in cameras, but the specifications and configurations are uneven, and the brightness and graininess of the picture in low light are still their main disadvantages.

External webcam:

The network camera is a new generation of camera that combines traditional camera and network technology. It transmits images or videos to the Internet in real time, providing higher resolution, better photos and videos, and better audio for electronic devices.

External webcams are small and can be installed as you like. And most external webcams do not need additional supporting equipment, just plug and play.

Comparison of detailed parameters between "external" and "built-in"

External webcams are powerful and feature-rich, so they are priced higher. Low-end webcams start at around $30, but the overall quality is far from the built-in camera. Targeting the mid-range range is around $60 to $100, while those top-end webcams can go for $100 to $200.

The main advantages and disadvantages of "external" and "built-in"

Built-in camera advantage

*Low cost: The notebook comes with it, no need to spend money to buy an additional camera.

*Easy to use: Just install the relevant software and drivers to activate. In addition, the built-in camera is usually on the upper frame of the notebook, and the height is facing the face, which is more suitable for video calls. 

Disadvantages of built-in camera

*Low image quality: The pixels are low and easy to blur, the CMOS size is small and the light sensitivity is poor, and the picture brightness is low.

*Inflexible: The camera's adjustment angle is very limited, and it is prone to "dead angle".

*Difficult to maintain: As a built-in component of a precision notebook, it is more difficult to repair if it fails.

Advantages of an external webcam

*Clearer: Most built-in cameras only support up to 720p resolution, while webcams can support 1080P full HD and 4K UHD resolutions, with more vivid and detailed images and richer details.

*More beautiful sound: Built-in microphone and noise reduction optimization, the sound is farther and the sound is clearer.

*Wider: provide wide-angle and zoom functions, adjust as you like.

*Smarter: The low-light algorithm can effectively enhance the light transmittance and picture details. Some also support AI tracking to keep the character picture from being lost. 

*More flexibility: No need to move the notebook, just adjust the camera placement individually.

Disadvantages of external webcams

*Additional Expenses: As the name suggests, buying an external webcam separately is an additional expense.

*Additional installation: After plugging in or connecting to WIFI, you need to install the specified driver or software to run perfectly.

Should I buy an external webcam?

Some people rarely use the camera on their laptop, so they don't need it much. But there is no doubt that external webcams are not only superior in picture quality, but also more feature-rich. 

From the product itself, if you pay more attention to image quality and sound quality, the ultra-wide-angle, stereo microphone, autofocus and other functions of the external camera can better meet your multi-directional needs. From the perspective of product application, if you have a lot of scenes that require real-time video in your daily life and work, then an excellent external webcam will be your best choice.

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