Why is your screen not smooth?

by FuJoy on Apr 11, 2023

Why is your screen not smooth? - Angetube

When we buy and use cameras, we often see words such as 30FPS and 60FPS. Many friends are asking them what is the difference between the two? , I will introduce you to:

Low frame rate vs high frame rate

What is frame rate:

The number of pictures switched per second, the larger the number of frames, the higher the smoothness. For example, 30FPS means that 30 frames of still pictures can be displayed in one second, and 60FPS is doubled.

 A high frame rate can result in smoother and more realistic animations, just like flipping book animations, the faster the book flipping speed, the smoother the "moving" effect.

 Advantages of 60fps:

The current display devices are all 60Hz refresh rate (equivalent to FPS) or higher. When playing with a 30FPS video source, even if it is played on a 60 refresh rate display device, there will be no essential change. But when we have a 60FPS device to record and play at 60FPS one-to-one correspondence with the display device, it can bring a smoother and smoother picture experience than 30FPS.






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