Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913 Angetube

Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913

USD $93.89
  • 4K Sony CMOS Sensor: The Angetube 913AI web camera boasts a high-quality Sony CMOS sensor, capable of producing stunning 3840x2160 UHD resolution video at 30 fps or 1080p@60fps.
  • AI-Tracking with Auto-Framing: It automatically frames the video based on the number of people in the meeting, keeping the video's focus centralized. The presenter tracking feature intelligently detects and follows the presenter as they move around the room.
  • Zoomable Webcam with Remote Control: The remote lets you turn on/off the AI function, 10X digital zoom, disable video, mute the mic, and flip the image.
Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913

Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam con AI Tracking 913

USD $93.89

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Video Resolution

3840x2160,2560x1440,1920x1080,1280x 720,640x480 etc

Frame Rate

HDR 3840x2160@30fps 1920x1080@60fps

lmage sensor

4k,1/2.8 inch Sony STARVIS Sensor

Wide dynamic

HDR 107db


H.264 H.265 JPEG,YUY2,NV12


Al auto tracking Al auto framing Al auto Zoom

lmage Processing

3DNR technology, making the picture quality moresilky and natural

Aperture F value


View Angle

Different resolution modes, 30 ~100 viewing angle can beadjusted automatically or manually

Focos method



35db+ high sensitivity, SNR65d2 signal-to-noise ratio,Alsmart stereo mic with noise cancellation, 5 meters far-field pickup

Ai face brightness

The Al algorithm is used to optimize the face light, so thatthe backlight face does not blacken, and the smooth facedoes not expose. lt is suitable for different lightenvironments

Manual zoom

trigger manual zoom key or remote control zoom key. support 10X zoom

USB port

standard Type C USB3.2 Gent1 port , with transmissionbandwidth up to 5.0Gdps (500MB/s)

System Compatible

Windows XP/ SP2 / 7/ 8 / 10 / 11 or above ;Mac OS 10.6 or above : Linux 2.6.24 or above Chrome OS 29.0.1547.70 or above /, Android V 70 or aboveSmart TV and TV BOX XBox One V10.0.1734.4056 or aboveJbuntu V 10.04 or above


Z0OM, Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, WebEx.OBS, Facebook , YouTube Teams ,XSplitetc


2.4GHZ Intel Core2 DuoProcessor or higher,2GB of ram orhigher, USB3.2 gen 1 port( USB3.2 gen 1 is required for 4K products)




How would our privacy be protected without a lens protector?

When you are not using the camera, you can use the included remote control to turn off the lens and sound, when the webcam goes into privacy the video and audio will cut out and you will enjoy a safe and reliable digital network life.

Will this keep a family of 4 in frame? Or can it only track 1 (or 2) people at a time?

If there is only one person in the frame, our AI tracking webcam will always follow that person, if there are multiple people in the frame, the webcame will automatically recognize and make sure everyone is in the frame.

Does it need to download the software for the webcam to work ?

it don't need app to control, our 4k webcam is compatible with many video software like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and etc. But "Angetube" app have more features to work.

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR) in webcams?

HDR helps the camera capture clearer images in high-contrast scenes by balancing the details in bright and dark areas.

How do I fix latency issues with my webcam?

Check the speed of your USB port, close background applications, or update your webcam's drivers.

How do I set up a webcam for high-quality video conferencing?

Answers typically include tips on positioning your webcam at eye level, ensuring good lighting, and using a dedicated microphone if possible for better audio quality.



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