Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section!.

Here, we have compiled a list of the most common questions asked by our valued customers to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers. Whether you are a new visitor or a long-time customer, we hope this FAQ will address any inquiries you may have. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact our friendly support team :support@angetube.com, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Why isn't my Angetube webcam remote working

For Angetube webcam remote issues, see this detailed blog post: Click Here.

How do I get an activation code for angetube video software?

1:Open the angetube video software.

2:Locate and copy the "Machine Code" displayed within the software interface.

3:Email the copied Machine Code to support@angetube.com.

4:After sending the email, please be patient. We will generate and send your activation code as soon as possible.

Windows system computer can not detect the camera ?

If the Windows system does not detect the camera device or camera device name is inconsistent with the camera name in Device Manager, please try the following:

Step1. Remove the webcam> Reconnect the to computer, the webcam device correctly recognizes or restarts the computer;

Step2. If your computer has installed with the other camera before, and step 1 above is invalid,please do as follow:

For Windows XP SP2 and Windows 7/8/10 systems: Right-click on the "My Computer" > "Manage" > "Device Manager" > open "Sound, Video and Game Controllers, "Audio Inputs and Outputs" and "Cameras”,uninstall "USB Live camera" and "USB Live camera audio" in the above three options. Then remove the camera and reconnect it to the computer, the computer reloads the camera and installs the driver automatically .After that "USB Live Camera" will appear in "Device Manager" . Then you can initiate a video call now.

What steps should I take if my microphone is not working in Windows 11?

1.Check System Version: Confirm the specific version of Windows 11 you're using.

2.Identify Software Used: Determine which software, such as Zoom or Teams, is causing the issue.

3.Test with Windows Camera: Ask the customer to use the built-in Windows Camera app to record a video and check for sound. If there's sound, the webcam's microphone hardware is likely fine.

4.Update or Reinstall Software: Advise the customer to upgrade or reinstall the latest version of Zoom and Teams. If the apps were initially installed from the Microsoft Store, suggest downloading and installing from a non-Microsoft Store source.

to send detailed results of these tests to support@angetube.com.

Macbook can't detect webcam?

In rare cases, when Mac OS 10.6 or above does not detect the USB Live Camera or the detected camera name is inconsistent, please restart your computer or re-plugging the camera,or replace another USB interface. If the camera is still not detected, please follow the steps below to reset the PRAM:

①Turn off the computer.

②Find the ess these keys simultaneously in step 4. following buttons on the keyboard: Command, Option, P, and R. You will need to pr

③Re-start your computer.

④Hold down the Command-Option-P-R key. You must press this key combination before displaying the gray screen.

⑤Press and hold the above buttons until the computer restarts and you will hear the startup sound again.

⑥Release these keys.

The above method still can't find the camera, please upgrade the Mac OS system.

Why doesn't the zoom button work?

Because some models require a resolution below 1080p (such as 720p),
Reminder: If you do not know how to adjust the resolution, please contact our professional customer service

Is there a specific software that needs to be downloaded for the webcam to function?

The webcam doesn't require any specific app for control. It can be easily connected to any video software such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, the "Angetube" video software is available as an added benefit, allowing you to conveniently adjust various parameters like autofocus, brightness, horizontal flip, zoom, and more.

Why does my webcam appear such as: image distortion, video flickering, disconnection?

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to avoid using low-quality USB extension cables or hubs that are not independently powered. Insufficient power supply and data loss may occur as a result. For desktop computers, it is advisable to connect the camera directly to the USB port located at the back of the computer. This will help maintain a stable connection and prevent any potential issues.

How can I flip the image on my webcam?

To flip the image on your webcam, you can use software like OBS Studio, VideoMirror for Google Meet, or FineCam. OBS Studio allows you to flip the video feed vertically or horizontally, ideal for Windows users. Google Meet users can install the VideoMirror Chrome extension to flip the webcam image horizontally. FineCam offers mirroring, flipping, or rotating options for webcam images and is compatible with most video applications. These tools help adjust webcam orientation, especially on platforms without direct mirroring or flipping support.

How can I enhance the video quality of my webcam?

To improve your webcam's video quality, adjust the camera's brightness and contrast settings, and ensure your screen resolution matches the webcam's output. Optimize lighting in your room, using natural or focused light sources. Maintain a clear, distraction-free background. Consider using third-party software like OBS Studio or Wirecast for advanced customization. Regularly check for driver updates and ensure your webcam is properly set as the default device in your computer settings. For more detailed guidance, visit the webcam settings in your operating system.

What is the best live video streaming software for Mac?

1.BS Studio: A popular choice for its versatility and compatibility with various platforms. It's known for its high-quality broadcast capabilities, making it suitable for professional streaming.

2.Ecamm Live: Highly recommended for beginners to advanced users, offering a range of features, controls, and customization options.

3.Restream Studio: Known for its simplicity and professionalism, allowing live streaming on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.

4.Wirecast: Another great option, particularly favored for its extensive features and professional-grade broadcasting capabilities.

What is the best webcam for streaming?

This question often leads to discussions about webcams with 1080p or 4K resolution, high frame rates (60fps), and those with advanced features like autofocus and built-in microphones.

What is the difference between a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 webcam?

Answers explain the data transfer speed differences between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and how that affects video quality and frame rate.