Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover

Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover

USD $59.99 USD $21.99
Save 63%
  • Secure and Private USB Camera: Protect your privacy with our USB Camera featuring a built-in cover. Safeguard your personal or business space from potential threats.
  • Crystal Clear Microphone:Clear and natural sound in any environment with webcam microphone. Dual noise-canceling microphones ensure top-notch audio for video conferencing and recording.
  • Full HD 1080p Video Quality: ideal for online teaching, video calls, and meetings. Compatible with popular applications like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, YouTube, etc.
Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover

Angetube 1080P HD Webcam Built-in Privacy Cover

USD $59.99 USD $21.99

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Video Resolution

1920x10801280x720.640x480 etc

Frame Rate


lmage sensor

2.0M,1/2.7 inch



Aperture F value


View Angle

76 degree, Vertical distortion-free

Private shutter



35db+ high sensitivity,SNR65d2 signal-to-noise ratio2-channel stereo noisereduction dual MIC,3m longdistance pickup clear and natural


available to use camera tripod,suitable for desktopplacement,laptop, LCD or CRTmonitor

System Compatible

Windows@XP SP2,Windows 7 / 8 /10/ Mac OS 10.6Linux2.6.24 OR /Chrome OS 29.0.1547.70/,Android V 5.0/SmartTV and TV BOX,XBox One""; Ubuntu Linux 10.04;OBSFacebook, YouTubeXbox one, xsplit, Skype


Z0OM, Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, WebEx.OBS, Facebook , YouTube Teams ,XSplitetc


2.4GHZ Intel Core2 DuoProcessor or higher,2GB of ram orhigher, USB2.0 port (USB3.0is required for 4K products)




Is the privacy cover of the PC webcam easy to use?

There is a small sliding cover inside the privacy cover, so when I leave for a short time while I'm recording, it's easy for me to just toggle the sliding cover and come back and open it again.

When I use this PC webcam, sometimes the image does not come out, but sometimes it works fine. What is the cause of this?

If you are using a desktop computer, you can choose to connect the USB port to the socket on the back of the main unit. If it's a laptop, plug it directly into the USB port or you can also use a USB HUB with a power supply function.

The autofocus of the 1080p webcam is too frequent, can I turn off the autofocus function to stabilize the image?

Yes, you can turn off the autofocus and set a focus point manually via Amcap/OBS/Agetube software.

Why is my webcam not showing any image?

Ensure it's properly connected and recognized by your computer, check for any obstructions over the lens, or look at the driver status in the device manager.

How do I check the compatibility of my webcam?

Check the specifications of your webcam to ensure it supports your operating system version. For specific applications, check their compatibility lists.



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