What is the best camera for live streaming on twitch?

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What is the best camera for live streaming on twitch?

To be a serious live streamer, choosing an excellent live streaming camera is crucial. Whether you're streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram, you want your video to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience. The right camera not only enhances video quality but also presents you as a professional streamer.

Finding the best live streaming camera is paramount, especially when aiming for a professional level of video to attract more viewers and followers. It's time to move away from your local computer or smartphone camera. You need a camera that can handle the job.

In the competitive landscape of live streaming, a good streaming camera can set you apart from the competition. However, when purchasing a streaming camera, there are some considerations you need to take into account.

Firstly, you should consider the type of live streaming you want to do. Are you gaming on Twitch? Are you posting reviews or video blogs on YouTube? Or are you involved in more creative live productions that require more complex setups?

Additionally, consider whether you plan to create other multimedia content, such as photos and videos. For straightforward streaming setups, a webcam might be your ideal choice. They are small, convenient, and easily connect to your computer.

Webcams take your streaming setup a step further than your computer's native camera, offering significantly improved video quality. They are well-suited for streaming, video blogging, and video calls across various scenarios.

How to Choose the Best Streaming Camera


First and foremost, you need to establish your budget. This will impact the options available to you and the types of cameras you can consider. From there, you'll have a clearer understanding of what you are looking for.

Compatibility with Your Setup

If you already have an excellent live streaming setup, you'll need a camera that seamlessly integrates without requiring too many adjustments. Additionally, consider the type of live streaming you engage in, as this should indicate the type of camera you need.

"Clean" HDMI/SDI Output Ports

HDMI or SDI output ports are crucial for the real-time transmission of the camera's feed. This is how the video signal is sent from the camera to the computer. Some cameras may not send a "clean" HDMI output but rather the live feed from the camera's viewfinder. For obvious reasons, you don't want that. Ensure your camera can send a "clean" video through HDMI.

Power/AC Adapter Ready

All streamers know that live sessions can last for hours. This means your camera must keep up. Built-in batteries won't cut it, so ensure the camera you choose is compatible with an AC adapter for continuous power.

Unlimited Runtime

The last thing you want is your camera shutting off midway. Most cameras have an auto-off setting if inactive for a long time. Check if your camera has this feature and if it can be disabled.

No Overheating

Given the often extended durations of live streams, camera overheating is not unheard of. Check for any complaints about overheating with the camera model you're considering. There are various ways to mitigate overheating, but being prepared is worthwhile.

Output Resolution

Seek the highest quality video possible. This means choosing a camera with an absolute minimum output resolution of 720p. However, if you have the capability to set higher standards, look for cameras offering Full HD 1080p or even 4K output resolution.

Frame Rate

Frame rate is measured in frames per second (FPS), and generally, the higher the FPS, the better the quality. If you're shooting static content, aim for at least 30 fps. For highly dynamic action shots during live streaming, look for higher rates like 30 or 60 fps.


Autofocus is a blessing for streamers. Look for a camera with a robust and effective autofocus feature. Nothing is worse than losing focus entirely during a live stream. You also don't want to manually adjust focus every time you stream.

Audio Path

This consideration only matters if you route audio through the camera. If you have a separate microphone setup, you need not worry. If you plug a microphone into the camera, check what inputs the camera has and whether they are compatible with your microphone. Most microphones have 3.5mm microphone jacks, but others may have XLR inputs.

Recommendation for Three Angetube Webcams:

Angetube 2K Streaming Webcam with Ring Light 863PLUS


HDR 2K Webcam: Up to 2560*1440p, consistently presents your face in optimal conditions for every video conversation.

3 Colors and Multi-step Brightness: The streaming camera with a ring light offers lighting compensation in three different colors with touch control on the back of the webcam.

Built-In Privacy Cover: The stream webcam's built-in privacy cover allows you to enjoy a secure digital web life. When not in use, you can slide on the built-in privacy cover to shield yourself from the USB Webcam's view.

Why Choose Angetube 2K Streaming Webcam with Ring Light 863PLUS?

The Angetube 2K Streaming Webcam not only provides exceptional video quality but also ensures your best face is presented in any environment through its ring light and various lighting options. Its built-in privacy cover further enhances digital privacy, allowing you to effortlessly safeguard personal information when the camera is not in use. This webcam is an ideal choice for those seeking a professional, high-performance device that prioritizes user privacy.


Recommendation for Three Angetube Webcams:

Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam with AI Tracking 913


4K Sony CMOS Sensor: The Angetube 913AI webcam is equipped with a high-quality Sony CMOS sensor, delivering stunning 3840x2160 UHD resolution video at 30 fps or 1080p@60fps.

AI-Tracking with Auto-Framing: It automatically adjusts the video frame based on the number of people in the meeting, ensuring the video's focus remains centralized. The presenter tracking feature intelligently detects and follows the presenter's movement around the room.

Zoomable Webcam with Remote Control: The remote control provides convenient functionalities such as enabling/disabling the AI function, 10X digital zoom, video disable, mic mute, and image flip.

Why Choose Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam with AI Tracking 913?

The Angetube 4K Streaming Webcam with AI Tracking 913 elevates your video conferencing experience with its high-quality Sony CMOS sensor, delivering crystal-clear UHD resolution. The AI-tracking and auto-framing features adapt dynamically to the meeting environment, ensuring optimal focus. The inclusion of a remote control, with advanced functionalities like zoom control and AI function management, adds versatility to your streaming setup. For those seeking a webcam with cutting-edge AI capabilities and exceptional video quality, the Angetube 913 is a standout choice.


Recommendation for Three Angetube Webcams:

Angetube 4K UHD 90° Wide Angle Webcam with 5x Digital Zoom 914Pro


Ultra HD 4K Resolution: The Angetube 4K webcam is equipped with a 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor, delivering up to 3840 x 2160 resolution at 30 fps.

360-degree RF Remote Control with 5x Digital Zoom Lens: The webcam features a 5x digital zoom lens controlled by a 360-degree RF remote, allowing dynamic focus adjustments during presentations. The RF remote, operational within 10 meters, enables control over video calls, including zoom, brightness adjustment, and microphone mute.

90˚ Wide-Angle Webcam without Distortion: Fixed focus prevents constant refocusing during video chats. The low-light correction technology ensures clear, sharp, and vivid images and videos in various lighting conditions.

Why Choose Angetube 4K UHD 90° Wide Angle Webcam with 5x Digital Zoom 914Pro?

The Angetube 4K UHD 914Pro provides an unparalleled video experience with its Ultra HD 4K resolution and a wide-angle lens that captures a 90˚ field without distortion. The innovative 5x digital zoom lens, controlled by a convenient RF remote, enhances flexibility during presentations and video calls. With features like low-light correction and fixed focus, this webcam delivers consistently clear and vibrant visuals, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize image quality and versatility.

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